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Knocknock is a story about bringing people together, no matter their color, ethnicity, or background differences. Knocknock is a neighborhood app invite people to join and share their story and connect with their neighbors and landlord.

Knocknock is to break down language barriers and let people interact with their neighbors freely and more openly, to create a respectful digital space that supports people from different background to understand each other; to build a stronger community that minimizes crimes and raises neighborhood awareness and work together to create a better environment to live in.

Multiple languages support will be available through live-time translation in the app. Knocknock is all about making neighborhood communities livable and strong.


The login page is easy to use. You could either type in your username and password or you start a new account by clicking register.

The navigation links under the topper right menu give you a shortcut to the resources, search for keywords, and some introduction about this app and provide how to get involved option, along with the contact link.

These menu options are not exclusive for members only but visible to all people who are either already logged in or just generall checking out the app.


It only takes a few minute to register an account. The register page is simple and easy to use.

After you set up an account, you will see your profile page and you can change your preferred language and play with other setting options.There are also rent payment option standing out from the rest, shortcut to review your payment history, and quick link to other resources etc.

It gives you a new experience to use an neighbhorhood app. You won't believe it's that easy!


Before start a chat, you could pick your subject from different category.

You choose a neighbor name who you want to chat with, and you have the option to select the chat to be private or public, depends on your suject. You can also pick Urgent or Not Urgent before startting a chat. It could be a group chat or one-on-one conversation.

Communication makes things happen! Even though you don't speak the same language, there's auto translation live with your chat, directly and quickly deliver your message! It solves your communication problem almost immediately in your conversation with people who don't speak your language.


It also has moment page where you could view your neighbors' lately activities or you can update yours. You could also choose to keep your life private.

It also gives your other options to take action on your building or in the neighborhood like filing complaint. Moreover it doesn't only provide shortcuts for paying rent, but it also have linka to solve dispute, public neighbhoood discussion, or effectively communicate with your landlord on urgent matters.

This integrated app makes conversation with your neighbors and landload easy, and this digital technology will make you not feel alone even though you live alone.

The app will be available at

English language option available.


Elección de idioma español.

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Choix de la langue française.